Can only sell for 2.000.000$?

The other solution then is let people sell paints on the auction house. ie a paints only section.

OR make it so it recognize how many layers it is — not “legendary” 20mil worth if it’s like 100 or so layers

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Because to have that status you are supposed to have consistently good paints .
But it seems so of these “legendary” painters abuse that status by just selling these cars at maximum price with a plaon old basic paint
To be honest they should be stripped of that status for doing so

Why do most people think its necessary to rip others off by setting their prices at ridiculous levels
And why are those people so stupid to pay it


There would be absolutely no point in giving me the ability to sell cars for 20M CR because no-one would buy them.

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You must really hate cars if you wanna sell this masterpiece :smiley:

The most fair thing to do is base the price you can list the car for on the rating of the paint that is applied to it…
This way it will take a few days to get some downloads on the paint if its good enough and the market will settle down a bit by then and give the others who cant play online and win cars for free the chance to buy them at a realistic price before the custom painters can bump the price up for their work…

Once a paint has 5 stars they could unshare it to make it desirable and actually worth something…

Doing it this way would give anyone who put time into a single design to reap the rewards even if they only did one paint job but it was amazing.

Secondly : if I did pay 20m for a car with a design why cant i sell it for 20m when i decide i dont want it anymore? The paint should hold its value regardless of who did the design!

If it was set up this way it would encourage more custom paint effort, the painters (not all of them) dont turn out anything special these days and just sit in the AH with their stars and buy out all of the cheap unicorns from unfortunate players and relist them unfairly.

The desire to own a car for people who cant win one or want a second one will set the market price to the value of the car on the day. Maybe just wait a few days until the price drops and the painters go away until they come up with something more fair.

Thirdly: I have 2 accounts this one has one star for painter status, the old account has nothing but I can sell for the same price on either…why does the allowed price not increase per star rating…it still takes time and effort to gain 1 - 4 stars and that should have some sort of progression??

Perhaps if it was set up on a more even playing field the question wouldnt need to be asked everytime there is a forzathon

Seriously if I was to spend all of my time in the vinyl editor and not race do I need extra CR? since everything I use is free?? the ability to earn 100m a day for a player who has nothing to spend it on seems a bit off to me !!

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No. Some of the highest priced paints in FM4 were limited editions.

At the end of the day we should be able to rely on buyers deciding whether the price is right.

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Agree 100% the market should decide, but we were talking about the 5 star painters having the ability to overcharge for somethng that is clearly not worth any extra such as flat black paint etc…

Maybe if it was left as is but unicorns had a limit to buying one a week in the AH it would stop all the snipering and relisting by those 5 star people who are clearly exploiting the system and forcing the prices up to unrealistic levels without offering anything special.

Either way, its like everything in here, if it was not bothering anyone it would not be discussed - so obviously going by the amount of posts on this topic something is not right with it.

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I just think they need to split paint rewards from car selling rewards.

We can all buy or sell cars for the same prices.

We can sell paints and either charge what we like and let the buyer decide if it is worth it or have a scaled system based on our painter rating.

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Yes, selling paints seperately and the same price for everyone to sell cars would work.
Then if you purchased an expensive paint you could later sell it for what its worth.
That would be fair.

If there was an amazing paint applied to a car and you did pay 20m for it because of the paint you should be able to resell it later for 20m regardless of your star rating…

Imagine if you were wealthy enough to buy the mona lisa for 10 million and later tried to auction it, and they told you it cant be auctioned off for more than $200 because you dont have any experience at painting…

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Not sure why they allow people to auction other persons work.
I can tell you most (very high percentage of painters) are adamantly opposed to that. But that’s another topic.

I agree that this separates the abusers from their ability because no way someone is buying a flat black paint for much of any credits at all.

I thought it was the “legendary” tuners that was doing this? I dsay revoke their ability to affect and actions more then regular users immediately. And viola. It’s all normal again

Why doesn’t need to happen is making it so everyone can do it.

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To get legendary status you need to put 200 matte black body with pink wheels paints or put Monster Energy on some widebody JDM. Also you should put your big gamertag in the rear of the car with Comic Sans font.

Remember: Don’t loose your time on quality designs. Only the first ones uploaded will show when people are buying a new car. Also people like pink wheels.

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I have the same problem but with my Porsche 918 spyder because people are selling theirs for 7, 8 Million and thats if you bid on it the max buyout is about 20million. But the auction house won’t let me go past 1.2 million so help.

The problem is that the “Legendary Painter” status is given automatically after a certain number of downloads is achieved. Any kid can get the game at day one, paint every car they can get their hands on matte black with gold rims, and get 25k downloads.

Better - and by that I mean, done by actual people instead of a download counter algorythm - curation is needed. The “legendary” status need to be handed out by community management. And then we’ll have all sorts of pro guys actually bothering with 20mil LEs - maybe even the return of collabs, which are possible with the AH.

Not possible and would end up being biased.

They should do it by layer count - or manually take it away from abusers or get rid of it all together and be biased and grant it to real painter manually.
I believe there was a "legendary’ tuner (that I’ve never hear of) on here as well that was able to do the same thing and T10/PG should just get rid tuners status to affect any AH pricing all together. There is NO reason to pay milions of credits for a tune unpainted or matte black car… AT ALL or let anyone do it.

I wouldn’t mind at this point if they got rid of it all together. Most from what I read are saying why can’t I versus why is does “insert gamertag” have legendary status that is completely absurd.
If they are going to make the playing field level it needs to be level at the base level not the legendary level.

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As an elite tuner I disagree. Ive put many hour into tuning and I feel tuning is just as important as painting. Also, look at guys like Don Joewon Song.

I guess we agree to disagree on AH needs of tuners to be able to set prices higher then normal amounts

I’ve made build and tune capable of top 10 times. I would never think that gave the right make 20million in the auction house or have starting bids of higher then what most can make buyouts to me is much more then I deserve in my opinion.

DJS puts tunes on storefront- Free. (Except the parts on your car) so not sure that’s a good person to use as it sort of makes my point
hamilton HD tunes are on storefront. Multiple #1 usually faster then DJS.

Now a special edition paint. That is something special and deserves the ability in my opinion.

Make a suggestion. Arguing and re-arguing this (there have been previous threads, too) isn’t going to change anything:

At least this thread is one of the older ones… sort of.

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