Can not Create New Car Clubs

  • Want to start my first car club

  • Game will not let you create new Car Clubs (says there is an error)

  • Same issue has persisted over 1 full year

Bug Info: Car Club Creation (unable to make new one)
Platform: Series X
Edition: Premium
Account: Solo
Settings: Adult Settings
Attempted fixes: None
Content Update: Was this happening prior to the most recent content update or did it start after the update? BOTH

We’re probably up to the maximum number of clubs that the game allows. So what they need to do is increase the number of clubs.


I have been trying the same thing since beginning of last year no luck!

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I assume that this is not because of any maximum number but that all the clubs tags you have been chosen are already taken.

I remember that the connected error message was non-saying and misleading right from the beginning. This was an open issue long ago but has been closed nevertheless - without fixing it.

So I assume if you try a club tag with four digits and a special character in it you might be lucky.

Playing on XSX.

I’ll give it a try.

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I asked google what letter combinations have the lowest probability of use and NONE of them worked.

I should go buy a lottery ticket.

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Sorry to hear!