Can not access my save game or car packages

My save and achivments are located on the local HDD and all my DLCs but when I start Forza Im at lvl 0 and can not see any of my cars. I have the same gamer tag as b4.


Try re-downloading the “old” profile, unless you change it, from Xbox Live. It is Live which recognizes which gamertag you are when you logon to the service, not the game.

Hi All, Still no progress on this one. Have not been using the xbox since.
Talked with Microsoft today, thy dont have a clue and recommanded me to try in the forza forums.

Anyway, its the same problem. When I start forza im at lvl 0. When I enter my HDD I can see all my car packages and my save games…
Same gamer tag as b4.

Thanks for any help! best regards

Same here I go to play the game and it’s like I’m starting over again but all my save data is on my hard drive what gives can believe they sent me here but w/e hope you all can help