Can i play Forza on my laptop?

Hey, I just would like to know, where i gotta buy a Forza Game to Play it on PC.
THX for help

The windows store.
You need to be running windows 10 with all the updates as well as meet hardware requirements.

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Forza 7 and Horizon 3 are available on PC to purchase, in addition there is Forza Apex, which is available for free. Forza Apex was a first test for Forza games on PC, its based on Forza 6 but content is cut, its basically Forza 6 light.

All of the games mentioned above are available on the Microsoft Store. Since you didn’t mention specs for your laptop i can’t tell you whether or not any of those games will run on your system. To be safe you should try either Apex or the demo for Horizon 3 or Forza 7 before you purchase a Game.

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i got an Nvidia gtx 970 and an Intel core i7, gta works perfectly so forza shouldnt be a problem

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i played the demo and it didnt run bad but it was shaking a lil bit

should i buy it?


It’s not going to run on the highest settings but should be fine on medium 1920x1080. How much vram do you have?

16 GB

should i buy Deluxe or ultimate or standard Edition?

Thats up to you
Whether you want the vip pass
Or the vip pass as well as the car pass
Or none of those
The base game is the same
The different editions just add dlc

Not system ram. VRam is the memory of the video card.

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where can i find the vram?

btw thx for ur support guys

Right click on your task bar select task manager select more details select the Performance tab scroll to bottom of list to GPU 0 or GPU 1 depending on your lap top have a look for Dedicated GPU Memory and this will tell you how much you have.

I know it runs a treat on the latest NUC I am getting 150 fps @1080 unlocked

So as long as your system meets specks you should be right as long as you do not play with the settings

Also When you open the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab you will be able to check to see if all your hardware meets the required specks it is all there

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The 970 has 3,5 GB of useful VRAM and 500 MB of separated VRAM that run slower and are only utilized if a game needs more then 3,5 GB.