Can I get help with drifting?

I pretty much have the basics down, I just want some one who knows what theyre doing and can help me get better at drifting. My gamertag is KinkyFrys. Add me any one who can please.

Good luck finding some one, it shouldn’t be too hard. Could I suggest posting here or looking for someone here as well?

Took me a bit to find something I liked n could use where Eva, what seems to be the problem ur having??

ONELAPMAGIC did a really nice easy to drift tune for the Prius. Yes the Prius.
Together we did a ‘slow drifter’ design.
You can find both on his storefront. It helped me a lot to improve my drift skills :slight_smile:
Drift it in AUTO rest of the assists off and use the e-brake.

I don’t think this would help at all…

It won’t at all