Can anyone replicate my BMW Mini Time Attack car?

I need someone to replicate some Mini race cars, Ive tried and failed/ Im too slow and too busy. ( Playing Forza) If you have the skills [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (You cannot offer out of game rewards for in-game assets per XBL policy). Pictures can be supplied, official logos can be supplied for reference.

Anyone want to help?


Do you have any pictures of the cars you’d like replicated?

It may help to post a picture or two in this thread.

OK it turns out that I only need the Company logo, all the cars around the world are different with different other sponsors/ paint jobs etc. So if I get the company logo done, my customers can use this on their cars in Forza.

It wont be easy I fear but if anyone can do it, please let me know. [Mod Edit].

Here is the crest logo on our web page PSD. Ai etc available if needed.


Unfortunately, due to XBL policy, you cannot offer real world compensation with a cash value for in-game assets.

If you could post a photo of the logo in question, I’m sure someone would be happy to knock it out for you.

If that works, it should give an indication of how difficult they will be.


This is a mono version and would be easier I expect.

Any help or info where to get it done would be appreciated.

TEAM TOON ( Manic Motorsport )

Cant anybody do this, or point me to anyone that can? Any help would be much appreciated.

Just the logos or a whole livery making up?


edit: I’ve nearly got the whole thing done in mono, just the wings to do and will share.

The logo would be great. We are designing a new livery for 2016, so the overall design may change a bit, but we will want that doing at a later date.

Thanks for the reply by the way.