CamberMan The Sequel

Hi all,

Some of you may remember me from the Forza 2,3 & 4 days. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented guys behind a camera, so much so one of them went on to become a T10 staffer.

Anyways after being away and letting the camera gather some dust I have been pecked out of retirement by Pebb. After FM5 there was no way I was going to put anymore money into MS pockets - YEAH right! That just wasn’t happening! I bought a console for FM5 so I might aswell use the box for something fun. So that was it FH2 bought and away I went.

Now I haven’t touched photomode since back on FM4 - I didn’t really touch photomode in FM5 so - here is a quick tease for you all on my upcoming first shoot.

Be nice - It’s been a while - for some reason looks like Flikr wants to charge me for hosting images so I’ve just sorted this shot it may be a little larger on smaller screens. The album will be sorted I just needed to get an album up so I know where my gallery is.

More to come soon

Welcome Back!

Bout time dude. :wink:


I remember something about my flickr trying to charge me as well. I never obliged, and kinda forgot about it. I’m still uploading normally haha so I’m not exactly sure what happened.

Look forward to the set :slight_smile:

Cheers for the welcome back Pebb & Mattius it’s been a while!

I’m a robot - I couldn’t understand it, Flickr was only giving me a 75X75 image which is no good so I put this image on my own hosting space. Quite shocked at how much has changed in here.

Do people still get together for photo shoots? I don’t even know how this would work in FH2 with no replays unless you’re racing. Deffo something I would like to explore.

Hopefully I should have an update up in the next few days.

Good to see some people still remember me :wink:

I am interested to see what you have planned for your next update.

@evomunk: I knew you would be over the moon. However I didn’t expect you to be so over the moon that you would turn into a NASA computer.