CAMAROBOY69 photo gallery [10/5/15] First Artistic shots called "Lights"

Trying a test to see if these photos will work. If they do I will post more.

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Nice landscape shots. The third and fourth shot are my favorite

Very nice! The third shot is my favorite.

I was expecting more tire marks. As well as a update title called, Camaroboy has been here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the replies. Glad the pics are working. Here are some more random shots.

Nice work. Very original vision compared to what I’ve seen so far (including my own).

Ty. Here are 4 more from my endurance Nurburgring 125 last night.

Very nice!


Here is a set from my 3rd endurance race. This time at my favorite track. Bathurst!! Tried some more angles and settings from my favorite part of the track. The chicanes aka The Esses.

4th Endurance. This time at Catalunya.

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Nice shots of the endurance races! I really like the last shot of the Viper.

Ty I liked the Viper shots a lot too. Especially the first rear shot at an angle.

Sooooo I finally put some effort into these 3 pics with the lights. Hopefully everyone enjoys. My first artistic shots in F6.

^I like it!

+1 Nice work!

That is much more like it. :slight_smile:

I particularly like the viper shots! Great job, keep it up!

Definitely a unique angle, works really well!