Calling on kiwis and kangaroos

we about to launch out next season of Sunday night races, we currently get around 8-10 people per race but its always nice to get new blood, races kick off around 9:30 new zealand time, dont let the fairly new forums fool you the guys that have been racing we us have been racing for over 2+ years

This season we are looking at running Australian group A cars, what are group a cars? video at the end of the post should be sufficient for explanation

we run without traction and stability control and clean racing is the only racing that’s tolerated

if your interested full details available @ we are currently getting things finalised, this sunday will be a practice round with the idea of ironing out small problems if they arise, kick off 12th oct, if your looking at this thread after that date we will allow mid season entrants

also add my gamertag stormycanz