Cadillac CT5 variants 2019-current

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Cadillac CT5 variants

This topic is for voting on variants other than the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing already featured in FH5.


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Which appearance do you prefer?

  • Original (2019-2024)
  • Facelift (2025+)
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Which version do you prefer?

  • CT5
  • CT5-V
  • CT5-V Blackwing
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Which drivetrain do you prefer?

  • RWD
  • AWD
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Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing(updated model)

Updated Blackwing Interior:



Alright, I agree on this one.

The normal CT5V has 360hp which is why people used to be so disappointed until this beast came

Because the standard CT5-V has a V6 engine. Which is why Cadillac brought the Blackwing as the ultimate spec for the CT5-V. Same for CT4-V, which only had an I4 engine.

2025 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

The CT5 recently gets a minor refresh with a revised front end and interior, and the powertrain outputs remain unchanged, especially keeping the 6-MT alive for the facelift model.

The Gauge cluster and Touchscreen are merged together into one 33-inch LED touchscreen, displaying the Gauges and the infotainment simultaneously.

I know this is just released, but it’ll be added in the future.


This is most likely is the last high performance executive car to feature a manual which is one of the biggest differences between its competitors

It would be hella cool if y’all add the 2025 model to the game :100:

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Here’s the 2025 version:

Engine swap option suggestions:

  1. 7.0L V8 (Camaro Z/28)
  2. Racing 7.2L V8
  3. 8.9L V8 DSC
  4. 7.4L V8TT
  5. 8.4L V10
  6. 6.5L V12 (Aventador LP700-4)

There is still no facelifted CT4 yet so we dont know if the CT4-V Blackwing will stick around until Cadillac goes all electric

But I really hope Cadillac will facelift the CT4-V Blackwing as well