C class lobby

So last night I thought it would fun to go and do some lobby racing. I jumped into a car and joined in. I was really surprised to see the quality of driving and the high level of competition. Most of the guys in the room were talking and really racing hard and fast and most of all, FAIRLY. I just thought I would pass this on to others and to those that were there, GREAT JOB, I had a blast. I am really pleased to see the level of community that still resides in Forza 4, I truly hope that the folks that are up high would take the time to come down and visit with those of us the still enjoy racing and the community aspect that this game offers.
I had so much fun I think I may I have to do it again tonight. See Ya!


I like c class racing bacon but you don’t invite me😢

speaking of C class, OneLap - I tried your C class FIAT 500 Abarth from thew club garage last evening and…

I didn’t have to try very hard to set a new PB on Hockenheim National… left a little room for (self) improvement ;^)

I gota say, it’s very nice! is very nice!

Lets not hijack beacons thread man but it will be available to race in the lobbies

no intention to hijack… consider my contribution to the subject (C class lobbies) my (subtle? subliminal?) suggestion that folks maybe try your little FIAT in the lobby - appears to have work to at least prompt you to make it available on your storefront ;^)

That little nugget is already in my sf :wink: its an enjoyable little car

The last thing I would want to do is think any one would hijack a thread…I will just point out that not only are there some awesome cars but awesome people. To onelap, when real life settles down and I can get back to racing I promise to invite you. sorry about that. P.S As much fun as racing is remember to take time to love your kids everyday…if you have them.

True so true we have bowling Tuesdays and softball Thursdays I am glad to see them everyday :smirk:
And we have a parent kid bowling league starting on the 2nd