C Class '53 Corvette Grip Build - Low 8's at the 'Ring - Looking for Drivers/Feedback

I’ve been tinkering with some builds for the '53 Corvette (not missiles, less than 300hp) that perform quite well at the Nurburgring, and elsewhere. The first build has run a preliminary time of 8:20 with no TCS, no ABS, no rewinds, and more than a few offs… this car obviously can (and should) be driven faster, as I haven’t raced much since FM2 and FM3.

So, I’m looking for some drivers (or a team) who might be able to help turn this car into a Civic/S2K beater, both on the leaderboards and in the lobbies.

Post up or message me if you think you can help!

Hello Gc ,

I like to run the Nurburgring , so I will try it out for you .

Greets Alf

Thanks, Alf!

Should be on in a few hours, and will share.

'Ring time down to 8:11, good for #135 on the LB. Well done, Alf!

Its a good car GC , a better driver could easy get it in the TOP 100 !!!

I also think there is more in the car to get it faster .

Greets Alf

Thanks for your feedback and lap testing, Alf. I’ve made a few small tuning changes, including adjusting for more usable gearing, and greater high-speed stability. I think the results are pretty solid! In fact, my time is down to 8:13.0, dirty. This was a first lap with a bunch of offs, too, check the ghost :slight_smile:

I’ve shared the file, “ringC500” if you’d like to download it from the LB, or directly from my small stable. Will also be releasing a short track SUV which has proven very quick in lobbies.

Just did a few laps and turned an 8:09.555, still with a few offs. This car has 7:5X in it for sure!