Bye my Volvo

Anyone here remember the “Buy my Volvo” YouTube video that went viral? Well check this out :slight_smile: Anyone spot it in the ad?


As the owner of a 98 Volvo V70R with 170 thousand miles, this video warms my heart. I love it.

Thanks for posting!

Edit: it may not be what they intended, but to me, this video pretty much sums up the essence of what it’s like to own an old Volvo. I have driven nothing but Volvos. I’ve had a 240, an 850R, a 940 Turbo, and now my beloved V70R. I have a lot of emotional attachment to that brand. I honestly almost teared up watching the video. That may sound stupid, but if you’ve ever had an old Swedish friend, you might understand.

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This is quite awesome haha. I now need to watch the tv spot again just looking for the Volvo.

Nice little video

Beautiful video, really well done.
Oh and btw, Volvo DLC confirmed? :slight_smile:

I’d say yes! If it’s in the commercial it should be in the game. And hopefully some more volvos and saabs :smiley:

It won’t.