Buying some rare cars

I’m looking for the following cars:
Ford Focus RS PO
Honda Civic CRX Mugen
Lexus IS F
Renault Clio Sport V6
Shelby 1000
VW Type 3 1600L
I can pay almost any reasonable price you want - as these are only cars I’m missing from getting all the avaliable cars.
I can also just meet for taking quick photo for Horizon Promo, as I’m missing those here as well - then I can send you some credits via AH if you want. Please write your offers here or directly on Xbox Live - my nick is oposiasty

I have your VW Type 3 1600 L

with the exception of Lexus IS F i have at least 2 of each car you’re looking for, but i just can’t sell them, i don’t know what’s wrong with me lol. i’m a hoarder please help :frowning:

how do you even sell directly to a person? did they add that feature?

Nope - Message and do it through the auction house