"Buy It, Drive It, Build It" CarWars championship 2

So during CarWars ongoing “Career Connections” championship, every so often, someone cant make it. When this happens, we default to a secondary smaller championship called “Buy It. Drive It. Build It” where we start withbany stock E class car and build it up afterceach race with the construction points we earned in the previous race. We had our first event in it last night.

Each day, each driver chooses the car they will start in, and the track we have to drive. The nextcrace existing racers can chooseca new stock car for the new class or stay in their previous car. New drivers must choose an appropriate stock car in that weeks class.

Event 1: E300

#74 RandyTessier 1989 Toyota MR2 @ LagunaSeca Short +34 (34)
#33 Greentrees Maserati AG6CS/53 Berlinetta @ Suzuka East +38 (38)
#14 CHUBB589 Nissan 240SX @ Mid Ohio Full +37 (37)
#67 CMyLizards 1965 Austn Healy @ Indianapolis Brickyard +29 (29)