Burnout Masters partnership for FH5

New Crossover Request!

Burnout Masters!
I know sort of how licensing works so I’d even be happy if you guys (FH5 Devs) Would be able to get rights to even just one of their cars, but with how deep into cars each and everyone of those competitive burnout drivers are you’d find you’ll most likely be able to get licensing for them pretty easily and I do believe in the Forza Community that if we had “Pro-Skid Cars”/“Pro-Comp Burnout Cars” then that’d be cool.

I do feel I should be specific about this request, this Request is more in favour of Australian/New Zealand based Vehicles and ‘land locked’ vehicles too such as Ford Falcons (AU-BA/BF) + (4.0L DOHC I6/4.0L SOCH I6) then aswell the Holden Commodores (VN-VP-VS-VT-4dr VZ)

those are more street based vehicles but just more or less helping you the reader, gauge which style of Vehicles from this part of the World.

I understand this may not be everyone’s major interest but Forza has done similar such things before and I don’t see any issue with them trying to get a Burnout Masters Or SummerNats Crossover Update, 1 month of that… yes please

Well… I don’t know. I’m not into Australian/New Zealand cars