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If you feel your car is lacking power, were do you think is best to sacrifice handling .Weight,tyre compound or tyre width.I’m mostly building awd cars ,in a and s1 class for offroad.

If you need a chunk of change to spend on powering up your car, decreasing compound is the way to go.

There is not a one size fits all answer to that question.

Test each option to see which produces the best lap time.

I have a Liberty in B class that has some very competitive times.

When I ran it in Clubbed Up it seemed to run out of puff. I experimented with a few builds and the one that was the quickest was with added weight and added power.

It depends on many things including but not limited to what type of handling and balance the track you are running on needs.

Personally I very rarely go over Sport tyres in A class (this is after testing quite a few builds and setting good times with Sport tyres). In S1 until today I would always run race tyres but today I have had success with less tyres on S1 on Storm Island.

In some cases reduced front tyre width is the way to go but usually only where only a small amount of power is needed.

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If you’re running an AWD build increasing the rear tire width does not often increase the PI so you can leave that on if you’d like.

If you will be tuning your vehicle, you obviously want to leave the adjustable springs and anti-roll bars in place which leaves few options to remove when wanting to add power.

If you need a little bit more power and have the parts to do so, you can always keep the stock brakes on. The percentage gained by adding race brakes is not significant enough to offset the allowance of tuning pressure and typically, they only shave off around 3 pounds at the cost of 1 maybe 2 PI.

In this game, tire compound can also be left out in some cases to allow for more power. Try using stock, street, or sport compound instead of jumping straight to race. Experiment with your build nad which tires give you the best feel and the fastest times.

Other things you can also try are changing the rim size, experimenting with different levels of weight reduction, or chassis reinforcement.

  • Just remember, sometimes you don’t need more power to go faster, you just need to be able to use the power you have more efficiently.

Well I was assuming we are starting with a good / efficient build but given how many builds I see that are wasting pi I was probably silly to assume that.

So yes remove any wasted pi if you have it eg brakes, clutch, flywheel, cage etc

Thanks for the tips SNE and PPI drive.
I leave out cams fly wheel ,oiland cooling, intercooling ,clutch and transmition.I do use race brakes because i use abs which needs tuned up a bit off road.Aspiration tires rims and aero are really what makes my build.
SNE have you managed to get anymore cars in s1 with sports tires ?I’ve always gone race.

In FH2 if you need race brakes I would suggest you are braking too much. Or you are using them less than you realise and the race brakes afre not helping you as much as you think.

And you might think they are only 1 or 2 pi but that might allows a 10pi part instead of an 8 pi part.

With the sports tyres they were not my focus but I was trying to see what cars can make use of a maxed out rally engine swap and I think it was the Lancia 037 that got into S1. IT might have been rally tyres - I will need to check.

I think i was probably using them less than i realise, in my latest build i dropped the race brakes and it felt as fast.

Race brakes save a little bit of weight. I use them in the really high classes if I need the filler to max the PI for that class and absolutely nothing else will do the trick.

The only thing other than a minor weight savings that race brakes do is allow you to adjust the front/back brake bias and the pressure. In FH2 (when using Race brakes) I’ve never found myself adjusting that bias. Also, think of the pressure as simply “how far do I have to pull the trigger to get the same effect”. Once you start using that approach you realize that the biggest difference in stock and race brakes is the amount of trigger pull you must use and you adjust your style.

A bit off topic perhaps but I’m having a problem with my launch at the start of a race. The car just dies as if it has TOO much grip. Top of S1 class awd BMW m1. Any ideas? I’m a bit of a noob to tuning so don’t hate lol