Build communities, link community to menu

The game needs a proper social plugin which groups similar Interest and minded individuals together. Examples, the game encourages you to join an interest club (drift club, drag racing club, all rounder club).

Instead of using the dead Microsoft club format which you can’t even access on your phone anymore, the game should link directly to a Discord of choice.

A Forza Discord BOT is developed and used in the Discord. The BOT pulls in data such as -

  • rival times
  • club points accumulated from club members that week (replicates FH3) for determining active members
  • tunes by club members
  • blueprints by club members
  • vynels by club members
  • voting for best of week/month

Even entertain idea of having a club creative hub so people in game can submit their creations from their own creative hubs to the club creative hub.

Also the in-game menu reflects the creative hub of the club your joined to, as listed above.


Club creative hub has a weekly playlist of custom routes which can be used for online adventures (whatever term is now for custom racing). A clubs creative hub playlist always loops (is always running) therefore club members can hop on at anytime to meet there socially.

The custom route playlist can be updated by club admins, and the change is seen after the current loop has ended.

The club playlist default is 5 existing on map road races.