Bugs that need attn

I have noticed a few things that could be remedied by an update, but I’m sure there is some that I might be missing, so if you know of something, chime in!

Some cars have delayed throttle response. I’ll edit when I go through and find them again.

Some cars have caster issues (mostly mazdas)

Inability to use autovista with certain body kits equipped

Certain wheels have odd offset that causes brake caliper to glitch through the wheel faces themselves,

The headlights could be a little clearer on some cars (e.g. Hellcat headlights look very blurry.


*If you force stop a test drive, if you were spinning in the dirt or on pavement, there is a permanent smoke or dust cloud.

*Lamborghini Affinity icon is unattainable

*“World traveler” unattainable

There are a few more but overall it’s nothing make or break.

Keep up the good work T10!

Sometimes when you go to test drive at nordschleife youll see random smoke clouds.

Some endurance prototypes like the e-tron will bog at the launch if youre using manual w/clutch

I made a tune to remedy the bog. It’s all in the transmission tuning. You have to set first gear really short, and compensate for the rest of the 7 gears. Hope that helps!

Tune can be found on my storefront.

World Traveller achievement is unattainable.

Edits added successfully.

I unlocked the Lamborghini affinity level just fine last week. I am just shy on a couple others but have you done a hard reset of you’re console?
On another note I noticed that the rewards page is starting to update now with pope info for Forza 6. If anyone was having issues you may want to check.
Happy racing all!!

With an entire support sub-forum designed to deal with these issues and the plethora of threads already discussing them here and in the support sub-forum what exactly is the point of this one?

Is it because you didn’t search? At the very, very top of the page where the FORUMS header is on the upper left, the upper right side has a search bar that you can use to search the forums for related or similar posts before making one that has been discussed to death.

Turn10 is working on the issues, I’d expect to see a patch the first Tuesday of October and probably not sooner.


No I did not see one, nor did I search for it. Didnt occur to me to search for it. Browsed and didn’t see anything that automatically caught my attention for glitches/bugs.

I’m unsure of why you are being condescending, or perhaps I interpreted that wrong as well. Cheers.

Launch with manual/clutch on most cars bogs for a few seconds.