Bug? What happened to the fog and smoke?

As far as I remember, these hard edges on the ground aren’t there since release, right?
I guess this is not how it is supposed to look.

Is this a known bug?
(this is on PC)

Just checked on my xbone X and they are still soft and fluffy
Maybe a pc only issue
What are your PC specs

Yes, this is how it looks on PC.

Can someone show it on xbox?

When i get a chance i will post it

Is the track hockenheim
Best if i used the same track as OP

Yes, track is Hockenheim.
But all the fog/smoke patches on every track look like this. I think tyre smoke too.
The pic is taken in Evolution Open, 5th race. But I think it is easier to be found in Seeker open, 1th race.

Win 10 HP 64bit
Geforce 1080 GTX
Latest drivers

Just played on my PC and fog is still the same as on my xbone
Having issues trying to post a screenshot though

Someone from another forum found the culprit.

It’s the setting for particle resolution. If it is set to “full” you get the ugly hard edge line on every particle like fog patches, water spray etc.
Set it to 1/4 and everything looks fine. But you probably get less densitiy or less effects at all.