Bug Report : Super wheelspin duplicate rewards only rewarded once

So i Got 2 Gymkhana Ford Focus RS RX 2016 on the same wheelspin (what are the odds?) but only got rewarded one of the two cars.

You should create a report using the Support button at the top.

Had two Porsche Taycan in a Superwheelspin. But in the end I got a Taycan and a Mini JCW Countryman. Maybe it switches one car for another, so you don´t have doubles, but this only happened just once, so I´m not 100% sure.

Some of the first game code written was for fruit machines, you would think in 2021 that they could get it right.

Please be aware of having two different car lists in the player’s menu. One shows all the cars in your garage and the one which you can access with enter after getting a new car (car collection list) only shows the cars you own from each brand with no doublettes.