[BUG] Not able to enter game if using Home Streaming before launching the title

Wasn’t really sure where to submit/post this, but I was curious as to if other people were having this issue.

I use the Home Streaming feature of the Xbox One to play games’ audio out of my PC’s sound system. Typically I start Home Streaming as soon as I turn my Xbox on, so before I’ve launched Forza 6. I’m finding when I do this though, that I get stuck at the screen that’s showing glamour shots of whatever car you were driving last, and has “(A) Menu” in the bottom right to get into the game. The only thing I can do from this screen in this case, is hit the guide button to back out. If I turn off Home Streaming from this screen however, it’ll switch to “Controller Disconnected” and ask me to sign into my profile again, at which point I can progress past it without issue. This is using the controller both wired and wireless. If I turn on Home Streaming from the main menu of Forza 6, everything’s fine.

Has anyone else been having this issue, or is it just me?

I guess it is because of the game is not released yet. I tried to upload a video to upload and was not able for 2 days. Upload itself works fine with other games, so the non released state of FM6 should be the reason.