Bug found when crash landing from airfield jump ramp

I was trying to get the barrel roll done for the winter playlist, using the jump ramps at the airfield.
I found that when I landed hard on 2 wheels, the wheels went into the ground & it was like I was stuck in an invisible ditch.
I could spin around, but couldn’t get out of the ditch. The front wheels also kept turning with controller no input.
I did it again at a different spot, but managed to get out of the ditch the second time.

Some tunes are bugged like that. You could try changing it.

I haven’t found that one yet, but there is one over at Leap of Faith where if you hang it left and go to the other side of the houses in the courtyard, you keep falling through the world. lol

I’ve had the falling into blackness thing a few times. Normally after taking a big leap off a hill into a bunch of trees. Had it once during an eliminator race. Very annoying.