[Bug] Controller Vibration not working on PC with Xbox One Controller (Wireless)

Vibration isn’t working in Forza Horizon 5 with my Xbox One Wireless Controller which is connected wirelessly via the Xbox One Wireless dongle for Windows. It is enabled in the Advanced Controls menu. Vibration works fine in Forza Horizon 4 (and all other games I play), though. The Operating System is Microsoft Windows 11 with all the latest release channel updates installed, the game is the Game Pass version from the Xbox App with Premium Upgrade. I’ve upgraded the controller to the latest Firmware via the Xbox Accessories app. I’ve tried fresh batteries as well, it didn’t help.

I also have a T.Flight HOTAS One connected to the PC for flight sims.

If I connect a PS4 Dual Shock controller via Bluetooth, then that controller will vibrate, even if I use the Xbox One Wireless Controller to play, which is odd.

Please fix this bug so the controller that’s actually being used is vibrating, not any others or none.

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Check the batteries, the vibration doesn’t work when you have low batteries level

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I’ve tried fresh batteries of course, to no avail. It’s the game, vibration works fine with other games.

No problem on my end with my xbox one controller wireless

Do you have it connected via Bluetooth or the Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows? Also, do you have any other controllers/Joysticks/HOTAS/Yokes/Wheels connected to your PC? Are you on Windows 11 or 10? Using the Windows Store/GamePass version or Steam?

I don’t know why it isn’t working on my setup. I’ve tried three different Xbox One Controllers, too, same problem with all of them. No idea why vibration is working fine in all other games including the predecessor Forza Horizon 4 (Windows Store version), but not Forza Horizon 5.

I disconnected all my game controllers/joysticks/etc…, deleted them from Device Manager, restarted Windows 11, connected them one by one starting with my Xbox One Wireless Adapter/Controller and now vibration works in Forza Horizon 5. Really wierd, especially since it worked fine in other games before.

Alas, after restarting the PC, the problem is back. :frowning: This really needs to be fixed, havong to unplug all my controllers, remove them in Device manager, restart windows, plug it in every time after a fresh start of the PC is not a good workaround. Please fix it and make it handle controllers and vibration like Forza Horizon 4 does.

If restarting is not a solution, Submit a Ticket to Forza Support as described in the pinned Support thread above so the team can investigate.

Same Problem over here! Just got the FH5 Edition Controller, doesn’t work on that one either…

Did you guys find any solution?

Same Problem over here! Xbox One Wireless Adapter. Windows 11.

Think I found a solution if you have xbox gamebar just press the home button on your controller and that will bring up game bar then press it again to exit and your vibration should be back


I got the same problem
Xbox elite series 2 controller on windows 10
no vibration when playing Forza Horizon 5

im playing with series x/s controller plugged via usb-c

i put 20+ hours in until i found out about vibration feature on the triggers and the next day i could not get them to work again.

If you’re still looking for solution then download xbox accessories app on windows and update the controler’s firmware. Helped to of my controllers to work, however once it disconnects and I reconnect it there are no vibrations and its pissing me off.

Glad I’m not the only one. Was wondering if I should return my Forza edition controller. It seems to lose vibration randomly regardless of being connected by USB C or Bluetooth.

I run into this from time to time. Usually restarting my game fixes it.

Annoying but hardly a big deal. There are far bigger issues that need adressing.

I actually have the same problem with an xbox 360 controller and wireless receiver. It works fine in forza horizon 4 yet not in forza horizon 5

Same problem here. Win 11. Xbox elite v2 connected via wireless adapter. Never had this issue on any other game but FH5. It can occur at any time like inbetween races in Open racing but more often after Open series is finished and the next is loading. I’ve found that holding the xbox button to shutdown controller then reconnecting sometimes works. Rebooting game always works for me.

Exactly same here. Almost every time I finish an open race game, the controller loses vibration and I have to restart the game.