Bug: Cockpit/driver view too dark and blue. Please fix

While using interior views, the dials on the gauges are barely readable in many lighting conditions. It’s only readable when the car is in a super bright area with direct sunlight shining into the interior.

I’ve tried changing the in game brightness but doesn’t seem to help much. Playing on a SDR display


Cockpit/driver in car views are too dark in most cars especially at dawn or dusk. At first I thought this was due to dark windshields in some cars but it still happens in cars with no windshield like the BAC Mono.

Try the Descansar Dorado Sprint road racing event. It starts at dusk and gets darker, even in the BAC Mono it’s undriveable from cockpit view, as it’s too dark to see the road, you have to switch to chase or bumper to see where you are going as these views are much lighter.

I have some screenshots saved showing this. If I can work out how to post them I’ll put them in here.

Also cockpit view/driver view suffers from blue tint in most cars and just a dull dark look I actually find it depressing, it looks like a dull winter’s day outside in northern England with sunglasses on not sub tropical Mexico. External view lighting is perfect and beautiful with accurate colours, can we have the same for the in car views please.


Bump - hope they do something about thIis. There’s already too many compromises when using cockpit view (no 900 degree animation, no seat adjustment, extremely limited FOV), on top of that they also make the game look worse.

+1 for this issue.

Blue tint is there on a lot of cars.

I actually noticed this too. There are also issues with the skin color of the driver (when you look true the windshield if you drive away).

Links to screenshots added in first post, if anyone knows a free mobile app gives direct links to photos for forum use then please let me know, tried Flickr and Imgur and others but need a desktop to access direct link codes.

I’ll try and post some more screenshots of later during daytime on cloudy days, I remember the Focus RS cockpit view being very dark among others.

For your second complaint… That’s not an issue. Most cars have a bluish greenish hue to the windscreens IRL and I’m glad they replicated this effect to give players the feeling of looking at the world through a windscreen. FM 5 had this effect and then no Forza game after that. So glad they bought it back in FH 5. Noticed it right away.

As for the first complaint, that’s just how the lighting is in the Forza games. It’s their game engine. This complaint was there in FM 7 too… Not sure if it was brought up in FH 4. Anyway, try adjusting your in-game brightness or try a different preset on your TV. I simply switch to chase or bumper cam.

I actually hope they can minimise the pop in on all versions, which can be rather noticeable in both cockpit views or when your using as external view and going really fast with thick foliage around.

There is a problem with exposure in many cars. They seem to have an exposure offset to compensate for the dark dashboard affecting metering, and this offset is incorrect for a lot of cars. You can tell because the same exposure offset is applied when looking behind as well, where there is no car interior visible affecting metering.

Some cars cause day to look like night, and vice versa, with 2-3 stops of under- or overexposure. That’s wild.

That said, the exposure metering is already weird at dusk or dawn, causing underexposure. Plus, the lighting and tone mapping cause black crush. It looks off in a way l doubt was intentional.

The brightness slider only affects gamma in the already exposed and tone mapped image, so that doesn’t solve the problem. It can help lift shadows a bit, but that’s it.

I’ve submitted a bug report about the exposure issue, and the response was they’re already looking into it. Hopefully that’s true.


I’d say it’s kinda blue-green tint, but yeah, it’s also too dark. Literally ruined my cockpit view driving experience.
Window tints doesn’t tint the front window, which is UNTINTED in 3rd person view. Awful. Reminds me of some IRL cheapo front windows. And even they aren’t tinted this much… What genius at PG thought of this “effect” ? Worse than the chromatic aberration, which ofcourse, is broken and can’t be turned off.

It’s darker but then again my character does have shades and face mask.

This is facts

I like how the lighting changes, dramatically based on going over a hill or just turning

I explain it as my driver is stroking out while driving.

Never experimented the blue tint, but the darkness yup, its a problem of the lighting in many driving games, not only in forza horizon 5. It changes drastically from cabin view to exterior view.

This usually happens when you are using a bad and cheap lighting system, like in this case. And if its broken to an extend, well, even worst. But why people keep posting things like this when its never going to be fixed? escapes me.

They screwed up the lighting in this game, in a real bad way. I’m a first-person player, like 90% of the time… and that can be detrimental in this game. It’s either way too dark and blue, or way too bright and washed out.

But I mean, like 1/3 of the cars in this game can’t even have their windows tinted properly, so massive lighting issues shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, I guess.

Maybe it would help if we could run 4K AND 60fps… but ya know, that’s too advanced for Playground, apparently.

yeah same to me I experienced it in jaguar xj13 amd corvette 1953 it’s so HORRIBLE

As you can see in this video:
YouTube Video

I’m not wearing any sunglasses, the weather is shiny, but the cockpit view is dark like midnight.

Please fix this.

yep, I created my third support ticket for this last night, and submitted this video, which, if you jump to 25 seconds, you can see where the game goes from “wow, that’s kind of dark, sure would be nice if my guy would turn on the headlights” to “matter no longer interacts with light.”


there are many brightness issues when it comes to cockpitview… since release and there are a few threads about this in this forum…

I also wrote a ticket but I doubt they will fix it, because if you look into the known issues list you will find out the tickets about brightness they get since release are just ignored


The “known” issues list is just attrezzo. Stop going to that list whenever you guys want to know what is being fixed. That list is just something the devs made to make people believe they are actually working on fixing, i dunno, something. Dont worry guys, im sure Manteo will come and say all of this is false, of course, he cant do anything else, lol. For obvious reasons. But im amazed people even read his comments when they know those comments are completely faked to spread positivism around this game.

But probably more than half of that list is just something they just put there, but they dont have plans to fix, not now, not ever. Its an advise, get used to it. And btw, this happens in many many games, not just here. The “known” issues list is just something the company behind a videogame invents to make people think they are actually working on the game and that they value their customers. Maybe twenty years ago this list was completely true and every single point will be fixed, today videogaming companies dont work that way. But i guess if people dont know things like this by now, who cares.


For everyone else: this is false and misinformation. Disregard it, and please, when you’re expressing your own frustration at the pace of fixes, skip the baseless accusations and just focus on the details of the issue.

Known Issues are specified as Identified & Investigating. The February 1st content update addressed more than 100 issues, and we acknowledge when items are Won’t Fix or By Design. You can see the growing list of Fixed Issues at Forza Support and we have more on the way. Not all issues will be solved based on when they were first identified, and some issues that get resolved may seem less important than others still outstanding; we understand the frustration players experience with bugs and other design issues and are taking active steps to improve your game experience. Thank you for your patience.

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