Bug bounties?

It is my belief that a system that offers ‘bug bounties’ would be a good addition to the game. Something to the effect of: report a bug and receive 20,000 credits in game. This offers some sort of reward for players doing the work of a QA tester. I know that I refuse to report any bugs unless I am getting paid for it and I assume I’m not the only one that is this stubborn.

*20,000 credits is a small enough amount that it wouldn’t break the economy but still enough of a reward that it would be worth your time to put in the effort.
*It will encourage more stubborn players such as myself to report bugs.
*It shows goodwill to the community by giving back to the people that contribute to the betterment of the game and shows that you are listening to your playerbase.

U sure? We tell them for free and takes forever to fix or is by design

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People would just start reporting for the money, the devs would get so much useless bug reports. The system already works, there are so many people contributing and you can see the devs not even being able to fix all the bugs, because there are so many. A system like that wouldn’t help to fix the game faster, it could potentially make the devs’ work even harder.


There would need to be some sort of verification process or something so that the system doesn’t become bloated with unnecessary reports. I just think that if we’re going to do all the work for them as QA playtesters we should at least receive some sort of compensation.

I don’t work for free and moreso I don’t pay companies to work for them. Volunteering my time has never been my ‘gig’, you want my work: pay me. I find it crazy so many people are willing to work knowing they’ll receive nothing in return.

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Voted. :+1:

Maybe even an in-game “bug buster” player badge next to your gamertag (like the VIP crown icon) for those who were the first to report any particular bug that can be traced to an actual fix in the patch notes - to acknowledge the community’s free QA work.


…And a lightbulb/idea badge/icon for those who posted something in the Suggestions Hub that gets implemented in the game - to acknowledge the community’s free game design work.


If they’re crowd-sourcing so much work to customers, they should at least acknowledge & reward that work somehow.