Buckets are Broken in Freeplay [XBOX]

There’s something wrong with the buckets in free play. When I choose a specific vehicle for bucket 2 (for example) it is replaced by another vehicle in another class. Below is a video where I’ve chosen bucket 2 to be D class and specifically for it only to be a single VW Touareg. When I load up the course though, it’s replaced by an Aston Martin Vantage. I’ve replicated this many time and used other vehicles as well, all with the same result. The bucket system does not work. Sometimes it will glitch out and won’t show anyone aside from me in the starting grid. When this happens, I have to reset game options to defaults, load a track, and then go back to the menu before I can see other cars in the grid. Other times, when I’ve made changes to the buckets, especially at the track, it will completely freeze and I’ll have to quit the game.

I’m on the original xbox one.

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Is anyone else currently having this issue?

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