BTCC Audi S3 turbo glitch

What is it its Turn 10 and turbos, eh?

Anyway, it seems that when you try to upgrade the turbo in the 2014 Audi #67 Rotek Racing S3 Saloon that it actually downgrades the performance.

Stock turbo - PI S739 / 330bhp
Sport turbo - PI S703 / 273bhp
Race turbo - PI A663 / 235bhp

It certainly shall be a fun A class car.

This must be what’s happening here then, as it can apparently be detuned down to B.

I put a B600 tune on the storefront for the #67 Audi yesterday after reading this thread. The car has loads of grip and handles great for a car with drag tires and can be driven with no assists whatsoever. It is consistently 4 to 5 seconds off the #1 slot on the leaderboards so you are not going to set records with it. It is just a fun alternative to drive. Traditionally, declassed or detuned cars are never as good as their counterparts, they are just fun to drive. Anyways if you want to try the tune get in the car and search for keyword B600 and give us your opinion. I geared it so it’s good off the line, tuned it so it has loads of grip in corners and ran minimal downforce so you get as much speed as possible. The car sticks like glue and I even picked good looking rims as well.

Have Fun

It’s like someone hard coded the performance change and made a mistake with the sign or operation.

The sport turbo is 330/1.2 and the race is 330/1.4. Should have been 3301.2 and 3301.4 respectively.