Broken game

So I took the plunge and bought Forza 6, the ultimate edition.

When I first loaded the game, I received all the bonuses, minus the Ford GT. Thinking this was an error, I deleted my save file and replayed the demo thinking this would solve the issue of the missing car. I was so wrong.

Now I have nothing! Nothing that was promised! The DLC cars did not return with the new file save, the 6 million credits are gone, along with every car I paid for, and was rewarded for my loyalty.

Please fix this, so I can feel like I’m getting what I paid for, rather than feeling like I’m screwed for trying to get one lousy car. Thanks.

Thats not the fault of the game. Sry to say that but thats your own fault by deleting your save file. By deleting your save you also deleted your gifts you got in the game and unfortunately you wont get them back sry :frowning: .


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Sry if I offended you but it wasnt meant bad at all. I just wanted to tell you that the deleting was a bad idea.

BTW you dont need to become rude.


Deleting the game save file is last resort, I’ve heard of uninstalling and reinstalling a game but I’ve never had to delete the save file for any game on my XB1. The Ford GT will show up on the ingame message center after a while.

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I’m reinstalling the game now. I hope this will fix my mistake. I’m so upset over this.

Please see this thread:

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Good luck mate…seems a few people have done similar but i have only seen that one guy get them replaced

You got what you were promised but then deleted it
The ford came a few days later in a message…it was separate than the rest of them
Think t10 are really busy fixing a lot of other issues that arent user error …they might get around to helping you one day
Maybe you’ll get lucky as well

Read post #66 from the link posted above
Should make you happy

Let’s keep the abusive comments in check. Not one person had been out of line with a reply to your problem.

Bottom line is - You deleted your original game save. A Turn 10 employee was kind enough to give you a link to a thread which may offer you some help.

Because there is another thread about this issue I am locking this up. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.