Broken beyond belief on PC

Tried playing today. The game won’t make use of my GPU. Get about 1 frame per 3 seconds. Every time i boot up this game there’s a new problem. I’m sick and tired of dealing with this. I want my money back.

Win 10
16 GB ram DDR3

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If you want your money back you need to contact microsoft
No one else can help you with refunds

Btw the game runs fine on my very very average pc

Check your PC, see what else is running in task manager when that happens. Drivers etc… I have 965m and it runs ok.

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This is odd question, but I’m going to ask anyways: Are you sure the game is using your 1080 and not the integrated Intel graphics of i7-3770K? Or “The game won’t make use of my GPU” means exactly that?

If that is the case, then you should be able to solve the problem by googling (<- is that a real word?) something like “game using intel instead of nvidia” and trying out the solutions that people have used to solve similar issue.