Bring back FM4 style drift hoppers

Why change drifting to timers instead of laps? Oh so now whoever completes the most laps can win because more laps = more points?

Maple valley - 3 laps @ 70k each = 210,000 points

Maple valley - 6 laps @ 40k each = 240,000 points

So now we award whoever can do the most laps the win?

It needs to be changed back to 3 laps per track. Why not?

For anyone saying something like “then people will finish the race” then either A) you kick them at the lobby like you did in FM4 or B) Turn10 makes some type of system which doesnt allow the game to finish until (x) requirement is met. For example, you can’t start the count down timer for finishing the race until all players have started their 3rd lap + (x) seconds after starting the lap (giving them time to get around the track) then you might say oh but someone can just troll and not reach the 3rd lap meaning timer can’t go off. So each lap you are given (x) amount of time per lap. So if you take longer than say 1:00 or so for lap 1 rules do NOT apply to you meaning the timer will go off regardless. That will work. EASY.

EDIT - Or just add 3 laps per track and give a timer. You can only do a maximum of 3 laps and you are given a timer (x) minutes. After the timer ends thats it. OR if all players cross the finish line after 3 laps the race ends.

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it will never kick the kids who race instead of drifting and finish the race! to me with time is perfect now

Ok but, i just explained in my post how it can work for people that try to finish races. it defeats them from doing that.

turn10 cant fix the rammers problem in the others hoppers so there are no " easy way to implent "… is just a " gift " that they put a hopper for drifting that actually works…

That is kind of irrelevant because nothing can be done to fix rammers except ghosting or something similar. No matter if we use laps or a time limit that doesn’t change rammers. It only changes people finishing the race so drifters can’t actually drift. My method had the best of both worlds. It has drift lobbies with laps which actually makes sense and then it also had a time limit to prevent players from finishing the race. There is no reason really for it not to be added.

Imo, it’s not an issue. Whether you’re going fast and getting less points per sector, or going slower and getting more, you should theoretically get roughly the same amount of points per minute.

Also, if you’re only completing 3 laps in the time it takes for someone else to complete 6, you’re going too slow lol.

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maybe u missed my point. ok frist off the lap and time/points etc i gave were an example. I don’t know how long it takes because i refunded this trash game.

Anyway. right, cool opinion but here’s the thing. Drifting flat out for 8 minutes a track is too much for one drift. I don’t want to have to nerd it for 8 mins flat to compete. also. the main point is that something can be done to fix it and it’s the best of both worlds. People afraid of oithers finishing the races get a win because the lobby will have a time limit, however it still has laps. 3 laps and a fair time limit to complete the 3 laps within. easy. no reaosn to not add it as it’s perfect. besides you not liking it., can u think of 1 actual flaw which my idea has?

Yeah, Turn10 implementing such a lobby.

There’s no other mode which has a setup like that so they would likely have to change a lot of things around in the backend to make it work.

A better implementation would have been to combine both of the futures with ghost mode. What I mean by combining is you have X amount of time to complete x amount of laps. So it takes you roughly 90 seconds to drift Cataluyna, so give us 110 seconds for reach lap for a total of 330 seconds, or 6.5 minutes to do the whole 3 laps. This gives us time to complete it in case we made a mistake but also won’t finish early because of someone crossing the finish line too early. The ghost mode protects us from rammers and people who make a mistake on a corner so we get our full time on the track while doing our 3 laps. No early finishers, no getting rammed = perfect drifting.

Ghost in drifting , no much sense , is like doing it in free mode in single player…

Yes it sucks but it gets away from people who ram and want to grief everyone. Until we get our own lobbies back so we can kick, we have to look to what IS available, like ghosting unfortunately.

or they just have to disable some kind of cars… like formula1 style cars etc…