Bring back custom championships

Custom championships, like they existed in three, are essential to improving the endgame and elevating the racing experience. Single player and convoy situations are starved for content, especially these past weeks, and this is an easy and complete solution for massively expanding endgame content.

Convoys especially are hit hard by the problem. Relying on online content, you quickly run out of things to do, with the exception of open. But we group up together in order to avoid playing with randoms. Forcing us into open defeats the purpose of grouping up. Relying on exhibition races to form the bulk of your playtime you end up with more prep time than race time. We’ve done every tour multiple times, and it still matches us with randoms which again defeats the purpose.

Let us create custom championships. We will still engage with the playlist, we just need more for when that’s done. Allowing us to weave eventlab races into custom championships would also elevate eventlabs significantly, and would encourage much more engagement with eventlabs. I know I for sure would create more stuff if I knew it could be more than shallow, one-and-done affairs.

This feature is essential. I have no idea why it was taken away but it desperately needs to return.

As a completely unrelated side note, it bothers me how effectively you’ve buried this subcategory.


Maybe move this to the section that has the voting system? That’ll get them to see it better, I didn’t see this until I was about to make a thread about it myself.

This post was made before the voting system had been implemented.

I’ve since made a new thread that I called Horizon Custom Tour that was an idea that was much more in depth and flexible, but could function exactly like the old Custom Championships if the user chose. I’m not linking it right now because I’m on my phone, but I’ll link it soon as an edit to this post.

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Such a great idea.

Imagine your running a club. Members make races, best ones are featured.

In addition, I’d like to see these custom online convoy race lists downloadable for others…

AR12 Custom Lobby Adventure # 12
DJS Custom Lobby Adventure # 3

…they each contain a playlist of 3 or 5 races.

So if your a club admin, you can create a list.

Something like this be amazing, imagine the blueprint promotions.

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Here is the link for my newer post: Horizon Custom Tour

As much as I hate asking this, if you like the idea, please bump the thread (and vote of course).