Bribing players with shiny new toys isn't working

Kiddies in free roam only use 4 cars

1998 Toyota Supra X-Class AWD
Ferrari 599XX Evo X-Class AWD
2010 Mosler X-Class AWD
Hoonigan RS200 X-Class AWD

So what is the point of Playground adding another bunch of cars every week, when they could be making more important changes?

I used to see people driving the new festival cars an hour after the new playlist went live every Thursday. There would be about 20 of the things racing up and down the motorway… I saw about 3 of those yellow Holden GTS-R things in an entire week of play, and honestly only 2 new Range Rovers in around 30 hours of play during peak hours.

Maybe people are getting lazy or just can’t be bothered to complete the Festival Playlists these days, but still, you don’t see ACC, Gran Turismo and Automobilista having to bribe people with shiny new toys every week to keep playing, so why has Playground / Turn 10 become so desperate?

Even with FH4 on Xbox Gamepass they can’t keep people playing regularly, so what went wrong?

Cars have different levels of attraction to people.

The 599XX Evo, Mosler & Hoonigan RS are being used because they are some of the fastest cars the game offers and in case of the Ferrari the best.
The strongest cars in games are often among the widely used. It’s the attraction of driving the best. The actual car doesn’t matter.

The Supra is the prime example of another kind of attraction. It’s famous and it stands for an entire culture. Here the actual car matters. In the case of the Supra this culture value is combined with one of the cars which gotten the most attention from the Devs; because of its status. Lots of options - visually and performance-wise.
This attraction is the reason you also see more Nissan GTRs driving around than Morris Minors.

The last big attraction is novelty. Every Thursday you can see the newly added car being driven. The longer the better the car is and the more famous it is. I’ve seen Divos regularly since the addition but I doubt I’ll see the Velar for a long time.

Cars are the pulling factor for this game’s “live service” approach. Other than that there isn’t much left after a two year lifetime.


With a better ranked competitive experience, the game COULD have more than that left. Age of Empires II, for example, has sustained a competitive scene since 1999 because people just enjoy playing ranked games. GT Sport’s continued player numbers are for much the same reason, people just like continuing to take part in the ranked races.

Agreed. The lack of interest from PG in the whole online racing part is obvious though.
Aside from the broken mechanics of Ranked that probably won’t be fixed they never bothered to either alter the various playlists, add new ones or - hold your breath - add new tracks. Or add DLC tracks into the rotation.
Unfortunately, the racing part of this game is the one that got the least amount of love by PG.


Most people use the Ferrari or the RS200 for the weekly PR Stunts, that’s one reason you see so many. Not sure why the Mosler, but probably because they don’t have the Ferrari or the King Cobra.

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Mosler is still the best for some PR stunts.

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I haven’t looked at prices recently, but the Mosler was always extremely cheap from the AH, whereas the Ferrari got snapped up instantly at 20m. A rally tyre tune of the Mosler can still achieve the seasonal targets for pretty much every PR stunt, and is the car I’ve tended to use for them all since it became available. The Ferrari might be better, but it came along later and wasn’t as easy to have multiple copies of, so I’ve just never personally made a “do everything” PR stunt tune for it. I think I still only have one copy of it, due to the garage space limits, but I’ll collect more copies of it if it becomes available again, now that we have more garage space.

Koenigsegg CCGT another car for PR Stunts Speed Zones

They could separate all of the records into individual cars. So best Drift in a Reliant Robin would have its own record for example. Then we would use all the cars more.

I think games like AOE2 are more the exception than the norm - for every AOE2 or Counterstrike that have enjoyed many, many years of online popularity, there are a dozen other games that used to have full multiplayer lobbies for a while but then fell out of favor because other games took their place - that’s just natural progression, and a two-year life span for FH4 isn’t that bad. I agree with the point about new tracks or other things, though - I still log in most weeks to get the new car, but then almost never use it because I just don’t play that much any more because all the tracks have become so familiar (again, not unusual after playing for two years).

Side note on the popularity of the Mosler: I’m one of the Mosler guys and use it for pretty much all PR stunts because I just like everything about the car - its looks, its sound, its history, and its driving feel. It’s one of the very few cars where I kept duplicates all through the game’s life cycle (one tuned for maximum road speed, the other for dirt/winter). I practically haven’t used it for anything outside of doing PR stunts, though.

Once you own a Mosler there is no speed zone you can’t complete within a couple of tries, its the default car for sticking-to-the-road, just like a tuned Ferrari Evo XX is the best for speed zones and, if you can keep it in a straight line, for the Jumps.

When I play online in freeroam I generally see a huge mix of cars, honestly, I mean ghostly apparitions that they are, I don’t always see the same things…