Breaking Bad first decal attempt

My first attempt at a decal design and went for a Breaking Bad theme.
If anyone knows of any tutorials that are posted or hints and tips please send them my way.

Not bad for a first attempt, looks pretty good!

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Nice… I’m looking at trying to do some painting as well but don’t know where to begin. I love the face you got of him. From what I see you have shapes to use… you all got crazy skills… on the computer way back when first nascar game came out doing cars was easy importing graphics etc.

Be cool to do a heisenburg him with the shades and hat :slight_smile:

loved that show!

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The design method takes some getting used to and can take quite a bit of time trying to make the shapes available fit the design. Still experimenting at the moment and looking at some of the designs out there are amazing the one in working in at the moment is a replica of the sky team cycling jaguar. Coming on quite nicely will post pictures later.

Info on how to upload your photos to FMnet