Braking while racing in a league

ok I am currently racing in class c league and I was wondering why is it when everyones settings are set the same and when I go around turns or anything why does my car start braking and everyone else doesn’t? and it makes people get in front of me while I’m trying to get my car to go its braking and I end up losing the race because of it.

if anyone could help me please email me or respond back to this thanks. I’m new at this game and its for forza 6 motorsports on xbox one.

sounds like your break assist is on.i think you’ll need to start a career or rivals or free race and change the settings there as you can’t change them once your in multiplayer lobbies.hope this helps.

You can change assists within multiplayer. Just select your name from the list of drivers and click “A” to bring up a menu which will include the option to modify assists.

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never knew that thanks.

ok but if I’m playing league races the host of the lobby has it turned on. will it help if mine is turned off?

If it’s a private race lobby, the host has the option to choose the “easiest” setting. That limits the assists available to use. It cannot force you to use an assist.