Brake lockup at ~85%. Intended?

I’ve seen quite a few complaints regarding how touchy both the brakes and throttle are for FM6. For the last hour I’ve been going through many different cars, trying to find some variance between them and what I did end up noticing was almost every single car in my garage is experiencing brake lock up at 85% applied. This didn’t seem right as I could have sworn I remembered using the applied brake % when trying to tune the overall braking force so I loaded up FM5 to check. Sure enough most of the cars I tested will go to 95% or higher before experiencing brake lock. Going back to FM6 I tried some extreme numbers of 70% and 120% braking force and while the brake power did change, they still continued to lock at 85% applied braking.

That perfectly explains why I have so much trouble with the brakes and why there are complaints they are too touchy.