Bought Porsche pack but it wont work


I bought the Porsche pack last night, but when I try and select a car from Porsche it says I need to buy it at the Marketplace. So I go to the Marketplace and it just asks me to download it again.

I bought the Porsche pack through Forza 4 and not directly on the Xbox store.

Has anybody heard of this issue and knows a fix?


Did you leave the download window popup alone until the download completed? FM4 DLC downloads through that popup window only, it won’t go to the download queue like most downloads would. If you close that download window, the download stops completely.

I always bring this up anytime someone has issues with FM4 DLC because, as simple as it is, it’s usually the problem.

This worked! I’ll keep this in mind when downloading additional car packs.

Good idea too on storage switching, but in my case I have my 500gb drive, so lots of space for cars :slight_smile:

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!

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Thanks I’ll try it when I go home.

I had a similar problem that was more user error than anything. Do you use an external memory device to save your games to? If so, if you load the game through the external device, the Porsche pack downloads to the console memory. So you’ll have to move it from the console memory to the external memory. Just a thought.

Awesome, glad to hear it’s fixed! Enjoy the Porsches! : )