Both Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7 do not recognize any of my controllers

I’ve updated my xbox one controller and reinstalled the game but I still get the dialog box saying that I’m using an unrecognized device and the inputs switch violently between m&k and controller and makes it impossible to play.
I’ve scoured google and every forum under the sun for a potential fix and seemingly all of them end with no fix or leads to a fix, or give a fix to a problem unrelated the the hardware I’m using. I can’t imagine its a driver issue because, to my knowledge, I have everything updated. I’ve had motorsport 7 for a few years and it’s worked find in the past with no problems (I just haven’t played it in about a year and a half) and I just bought the Ultimate Edition of Horizon 4. I’d really like to get this working so I don’t feel like I just wasted a hundred bucks.

I presume its a pc you’re using? Is there anything else connected? A different controller for example.

If its a console does it work on other games?