Boosts for Perfect turns, passes, drifts

What exactly determines how you get a perfect turn, perfect pass, and a perfect drift?

You can a perfect turn by following the correct driving line at the proper speed going through a corner, turn on driving line to see where that is

A perfect pass is usually passing a car at a moderate to high speed but you have to be very close to the car you are passing

and a perfect drift is basically holding a very long drift without hitting anything or straightening up

it’ll tell you how you are doing on the far left of your screen during the race , you either get a “'good turn/pass/drift” or “perfect turn/pass/drift” … or it won’t say anything at all if you really mess up!

its perfect draft not drift. you have to follow a car and use his draft to speed you up. to get a perfect one you have to stay in his draft for at least 10 seconds give or take

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There’s recognition of drafting AND drifting.

Perfect draft, drift, pass, and turn but the op asked about pass, turn, and drift.

Perfect drift= 6000 points ore more :slight_smile:

Is there boost mods for drifts though
I know there is for perfect passes, turns and drafts

No its not.
Drifting usually takes place in test drive ore online/multiplayer where mods can’t be used.
so its pointless to have mods for drift unless drifting becomes a part of the career/showcases events.

Good question, I don’t remember seeing boost mods for drifting either.

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