Boosting Affinity Levels

You guys who find cars “too tippy” should learn something about tuning.

I was thinking the same thing. Tippy? Really?

I have been boosting Affinity on my game, as I have every single car, and don’t have much more to do with the career mode. I have 1 Endurance race left (Daytona300), and maybe 100-125 races in the career itself left. But I am a completionist, or try to be anyway. I’ve been working on Affinity levels for vehicles that I know I will never drive in career mode or in Leagues/Rivals. But there are a few that I can’t seem to get the gumption up to do. The Terradyne Guhrka is one of them. I have done some with that land tank, but the damn thing is way too heavy, and I can’t seem to tune out the 4-wheel slide that happens on almost every turn. Tried Daytona with it, flipped it every time I got up to speed, then enter the turns, straight to the wall, flip, slide to the grass and flip again. So, I guess I’ll be wasting my time at Catalunya School Circuit for that one.

But for most others I have done so far (I have 30 manufacturers at Level 25 Affinity as of right now), I run mainly Daytona oval races. 50 Laps gives me a good amount. In Free Play using mods, I can get max Affinity in 3-4 50 lap races (if my memory serves correctly, but most of the time it doesn’t lol), and then I go to the next one on the list. I know I will have to change it up for vehicles like the Ram and the Hummer, but I’m ok with that. I change it up from time to time, just not very often as Daytona oval for most cars I boost Affinity with, I can drive flat out around Daytona the whole time, dodging the Drivatars sucks sometimes, but that’s part of the fun.

I didn’t see this info posted in this thread, but having as many assists OFF as possible helps too. In the Daytona races I do, I run with absolutely no assists, and sim steering. But it’s the only track I can use sim steering at as I use a regular controller and sim steering for me sucks at all other tracks with said controller. But running no assists and sim steering, that’ll be another 75% bonus. And being a VIP (correct me if I am wrong on this), I do believe you get another 100% bonus on XP as well. I know you do with the credits, just haven’t paid too close attention if the XP gets doubled or not.

As far a rivals go, unless you want to have a time at every track in each car class, it’s slower in gaining XP. Somebody stated the bonuses for Clean laps, good and perfect turns, and while those to give you bonuses, you don’t see a lot for that bonus unless you’re doing 20+ laps in that particular event, whereas in a free play race you might get up to double that amount of xp. So if you’re going for the times at every track variation in the class your car’s PI is in, by all means, Rivals will work. It will take longer, but it still works.

Another game mode that works decently, albeit slower than free play as well, is Leagues. If you run the entire race and do not DNF, for me anyway, I was going up 1 level every 2 races in most cars in the Ghost Leagues. If you do use Leagues for Affinity boosting, go for Clean laps, as it’ll give you bonus xp (not sure of the percentage though), as well as bonus points towards your total league points, which in turn gives you more credits in the league payout after the league closes.

Career mode is also a good place to boost affinity, once you’re in the Professional Racing and Ultimate Motorsport divisions. I use Affinity XP and All XP boosts of 60% or 100% only. 4,000 xp isn’t worth it, unless you don’t have the in game credits to buy the 300,000 credit mod packs, and you’ll need quite a few to keep the higher percentage ones in sock. I will use the 7,000 XP boosts if the 60% ones are less than 7,000 xp each, just so I can maximize the XP. If all I have is 4,000 XP and don’t want to use the rest of my credits on mod packs, I’ll use the 4,000 xp ones to get by. With the 60% xp mods, I use 3 per race (no dares or crew mods, as I delete all crew mods I can, as well as all dares), and I gain about 2 to 2 and a half affinity levels per race. So I can get a manufacturer’s affinity maxed out in at most 13 races. And to be honest, it’s what keeps me going to complete the career. Using cars I normally wouldn’t just to max out the affinity, while progressing through the career.

Note: This is all from my experiences with Forza 6. I have 2 manufacturers I got max affinity with using only Rivals (Rolls-Royce going for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and Lamborghini during the Super Trofeo League and Rivals events, even though I did gain some xp in the Leagues as well). There might be some helpful info in there, there might not be, but I felt like I should post my experiences with the Affinity XP boosting. Now, back to boosting in Career. Sigh, only 55 more manufacturers to go. lol. What a long haul I have. (And I haven’t even got max Affinity on any in Forza 4 or 5 yet… Dreading those when I get back to them)

To get max affinity I always use free play and the full Nurburgring and to keep it interesting race with 23 cars to keep it competitive doing 10-12 laps modding up with a 100% affinity alongside two 60% affinity mods and full affinity is assured. Using the ring also has the benefit of really sharpening your driving skills especially as you’re racing under endurance conditions even better you could use it as an opportunity to test one of your tunes as I do.
I have over 70% of the available affinity manufacturers already in the bag and try to do 2-4 more every week and now have driving the ring down to a tee with almost every corner in the good to perfect range every lap especially once you leave the other 23 cars in your wake. Give the ring a go because along with VIR it’s one of the few tracks that even after 10 laps non stop still throws enough in the way of different racing lines to keep you sharp and paying attention allowing you to land that affinity target in one go and takes only about 2 hours to do so.

I’ve been working slowly to get the max affinity for all the manufacturers. I think I’m up to 37. I usually mix up what I do with the cars to keep it interesting. Here is what I normally do.

I do one of two career series with one or two cars from the manufacturer. If I do two series I use two different cars.

I do a couple of rivals events with each car from the manufacturer. These are nice because you get twice the normally affinity increase. I think this is a glitch. It awards the normal affinity XP for the track at the completion of the event but it has already added the affinity XP once. You end up getting the affinity awarded twice. This also applies to the driver XP.

To max out the affinity I then do one or two free play races. I usually pick the car I liked best from the manufacturer and do a race at the Circuit de la Sarthe with a 100% or 60% affinity bonus mod.

Manufacturers with only one car I find the most boring. The Chryslus Rocket is a good example. I did two free play races and got about 10,000 XP. I then did 34 laps at the Circuit de la Sarthe in free play with a 100% affinity bonus mod. The two short free play races took 15 minutes or so. The 34 laps at Le Mans took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. So it took 3 hours to max out the affinity.

50 laps Road Atlanta takes about an hour and 15 with pitstops in an S class car. 3 100% xp mods and you should get 376000 in that one race which is enough to max out. Thats what I do. If I get bored of Road Atlanta, I just calculate 125 miles on any track and that should give the same results. Cant stand the oval races too boring.

My quick method is to buy and sell a lot of the 12,000 credit mods.
I keep the affinity XP mods that give you 2000 and 1500 XP bonus, I wait until I have 15 of each and then I create a 1 lap race on the Daytona Oval.
Depending on how fast the car is you can do 1 lap in anywhere from 35 seconds to just over 1 minute.
At the end of the race you get 6940 XP.
Once the race ends I restart and grind the same race again. You can level up every 7/8 minutes with very little driving, this comes in handy for the cars that you don’t enjoy driving or cars you just don’t like.
Good luck!

I hadn’t thought about this but it should work. If you level up every 7 to 8 minutes and you need to level up 25 times, it will take around three hours which seems reasonable. If you use one 100% affinity mod at a long race at the Nurburgring or the Circuit de la Sarthe, it takes the same amount of time to max the affinity. Using 2 100% mods reduce the time to about two hours and 3 100% modes reduces the time to about an hour and a half. Combinations of 60% and 100% mods can be used too.

The beauty of using the common and uncommon affinity mods is they are easy to get. I think the 12,000 credit mod packs only have boosts, so you should see the affinity mods more often. The downside is the wait in between all the races. It looks like it would take about 52 or 53 races to max the affinity. I’d rather be racing.

I did last night 2 races and got from 0 to 25 in under 1 hour of racing.

A 30 and 40 lap of Prauge Short Reverse. both races in free play with 3 times 100% affinity and or 100% XP mods.

I worked it out. Try a 26 lap race and then a 43 lap race on Prague Short reverse with 3 times 100% affinity and or 100% XP mods each race. That will get you from 0 - 25 fastest.