Bondurant ... i'm such a bad driver?

Wow … Showcases Bondurant, i had to reduce Drivatar level by 3 to have any chnace at all …

Use a mod that improves the performance of the car. All are good, although particularly grip ones for Bondurant considering you’re weaving about a lot

Yeah, mods that increase grip or reduce weight will be good for those challenges. :slight_smile:

I lowered the difficulty on all of these events. Not a fan of autocross in the least, just wanted to get them over with.

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Yup, just put them on beginner difficulty to get them over with. I’ve autocrossed in real life and this is not autocrossing. And the bowling is just stupid. Got them over with and will never even look at them again.

I didn’t like the Bondurant but didn’t have to lower the difficulty. Same for the horrible car bowling events. Not fun. Got them over with and done never to be seen again hopefully.

Serious question: Who has fun with those bowling events? I don’t even get how they work tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I missing something ? I thought the game doesn’t actually require us to complete these. I mean, is there any actual benefit of completing them ?

We’re going for 100 percent event completion baby (^_-)

The worst part about bowling is that it COULD have been interesting.

Set up a drag strip to resemble a bowling alley. Car = ball, GO.

The way it is now is dumb.

Hmmm, think for drifters bowling can be fun :slight_smile:

No, is not, at least for me, but as B Wald Big Mek says it could be lot of fun if some type of changes or modes, i don´t really know exactly how but i have many ideas.

Now it hasn´t too much sense for me the way are purposse these challenges of bowling…XD