Bochel84's FH2 X360 Gallery *NEW! Ferrari LaFerrari (BIG SET)*

Finally! We (X360) can upload and download our photos and start our own gallery! It definitely does not look as good as photos from the X1, but it is still fun to do! I will be posting picture sets in my gallery, for now I have only have 1 set to show you, and it is just my first so be gentle! :wink: It does look like the pictures are not as sharp as on H1, but maybe that is just me.

Here it is, the Ferrari F12!

Hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always welcome!

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A quick new set, just 3 photos, taken while playing on the airstrip with the Lamborghini Huracan!

Getting ready…

…and go!

Please enjoy!

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Great pics

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Thanks Englishcowboy!

One of my favorite cars so far is the Audi RS4 Avant, really nice sound and fun to drive. So it was just a matter of time I would take it out for a drive to take some photos, and here they are!

And next to this RS4 set, I will give you a hint for the next one. See if you recognize which car plays the main character in the next set!?!

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I’m going to say 458 Speciale?

The audi shots are amazing as for the ferrari i know it but never get the name right its the one with the “wings” to aid dowforce in the lower radiator grille

Thanks Englishcowboy and Warbird! Really appreciate it!

And yes, the new set will contain the Ferrari 458 Speciale (I know…it is just a livery design, the real Speciale is not in the game). So, coming soon…


It was already announced, but now it is finally there; The Ferrari 458 Speciale photo set!! Quite a big set as well, so be prepared! :wink:


Ferrari 458 Speciale owners also have to eat…

Let me know what you guys think of it!

Definitely my favorites!

They should have used you for PR on the 360 version. You make it look great! Very nice shots!

Thnx Warbird!!

Oi, that’s some dust on this thread! It has been a while since I’ve played FH2, mostly due the no-xb360-support card T10/Sumo is playing and my unfair forum ban made me almost throw the disc away. But I didn’t. And let we leave all the trouble behind and start over. The new Top Gear series made me play the game again and I just wanted to drive the LaFerrari! What a beauty!! And thank God, they’ve made the LaFerrari sound on the XB360 loud enough to enjoy!

To make a long story even longer, here is my brand new LaFerrari!!! Enjoy!!

And some nice scenery whilst blasting over the Autostrada!

Let me know what you guys think!