BMW Driver gear

Why doesn’t the BMW Driver gear ever appear in the race shop or Forzathon??? I have been super patient but NO BMW Gear. They say that we can Show Your Driver is a Personal Expression but that is not Possible for me if the BMW Gear is NOT available for purchase.

I haven’t had any new driver gear show up in race shop in over 6 weeks. I still have about 10 to go, including the BMW, a Camo style, Rossi etc

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I haven’t seen that BMW or Merc gear myself…I waited FOREVER for the Porsche lol

The only gear I really want are the BMW gear and the M Rossi

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Yes, it’s odd. BMW is the only manufacturer I don’t have. It’s the only reason I check the shop at all anymore.

The BMW gear wasn’t available yet.
It is NOT available via the race shop !!!

Full info in the main thread:

After december 2018 there are still 7 suits ‘locked’.