Black screen

Forza 7 turns on goes through the intro and then at the home screen its black i can still hear the audio, cars going by, helicopters, and music but the screen shows nothing. I’ve tried everything even uninstalled, and reinstalled which obviously took forever to get the same thing a black screen. Its been doing thisfor a few days now

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A lot of people have the same problem so just wait for the next patch.

Yes I am living the same problem. I reset the console, re-installed the game, but the problem was not resolved

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Good night I’m with the same problem black screen, more I can hear sounds … = /

same problem

Just being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if this has anything to do with the game breaking bug they were supposedly delaying the April update to fix before release?

I have the same

No solution, very sad this … = /