Black screen

How do I stopped getting black screened? It seems to happen two or three times a day and ruins my twitch feed I have going. Is it the xbox, forza, or something else. I have high speed cable Internet but that could also be the issue. Any ideas or hot fixes I can do to avoid that?

When was the last time you performed a complete Xbox One power cycle to clear your console’s temporary memory cache?

Sadly there seems to be a number of people with connectivity issues. We are/have been plagued by blackscreen (not the xbox itself apparently), chronic weak connections which destroy sound synchronisation etc. and my favourite the randomly disconnecting controller. None of these issues appear to be hardware related. The implication is that it must be either xbox live or something to do with the actual game itself.

The only workaround ive heard of for the blackscreen is to log in two separate xbox ids on the same machine. For mine i unplugged the whole thing so there was no power connection. I left it off overnight. After it rebooted it was fine. On multiplayer there has been random inexplicable kicking from multiplayer hoppers from day one. You end up back at the start screen.

Have you not updated your controller’s firmware? Although these instructions were for the original controller/stereo headset update, the process is still the same and there has been another update for controller connectivity.