Black Friday H-24 : How much CR did you spare ? What will you buy ?

It’s live now. Don’t forget to use the perk that gets you an extra 5% off (it’s 5% off the full price not the sale price so you get a total 35% discount).

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Job done…

All the cars are in my garage…

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Was it worth all the grinding?


Have to say that in my case a resounding YES!
57 million Credits gone & nearly all my Skills Perks BUT I have every car that I want and will ever use.
Now off to Goliath to get some of my Credits back ready for the next batch of HE cars in the Auction House.
Thank you Microsoft/T10/Playground Games for this #Forzathon

I got a 2016 Lykan Hypersport and a jaguar D-Type

With this discount I’m expecting to see a lot more of the superfast D-Types on the LBs haha

Already had every car that costed over 500K credits so just need some small change to get the rest done. :slight_smile:

I calculated with the 30% discount I needed about 8 mill or so but I have 18 in the bank so no worries.

Sponsored mostly by the 5 Mill HE cars on PC back in October instead of grinding. :slight_smile: But I did my fair share of Goliath lapping as well.

Okay, i just started to buy every cars i didn’t own.

Bought everything from 10M to 1M and my money went from 92M to 20M.

I’m glad i bought them but it feels weird to see around 60H worth of goliath grinding smoked in 20 min lol…

I feel nostalgic and empty now

Just went from 15 mil down to a 100k. Feels good :smiley:

Bought the 4 cars i didnt have. The Shelby Daytona and the Ferrari 250LM, 250TR and 250 California. Saved me 12,6 mill.

Now i have 20 mill left and nothing to spend them on. Any suggestions?

You can always kindly donate to those with less money in-game cough me haha.

No really congrats on all the cars. I guess you can just spend on duplicates maybe trying new builds with engine or drivetrain conversions? Maybe see how AWD cars are when RWD converted. That’s my go-to fun with upgrades and such.

Anyone else thinking about that one, might want to check next month’s forzathon before pulling the trigger…

I had 32M+ saved, and I whittled that down to less than a million. I did not have enough to buy everything, so I concentrated on cars I figured I’d be using. The Veneno was first, then the Bugattis. Bought a couple of modern high-buck Ferraris, all the MacClarens, the classic Mercedes supercar, the classic Ford [Shelby] Cobra and Daytona, the non-DLC Paganis, and a few others I’m forgetting.

Now I feel naked. Less than a million CR in the bank–NOOO! Must build my fortune back up.

I spent 31 million in one sitting and now I am just going to enjoy the game and not worry about making money quick.

So far I’ve gotten: the McLaren F1 GT, the McLaren P1, and the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK-GTR :slight_smile:

Considering the LaFerrari as well along with others…

Edit: said YOLO and bought the LaFerrari c: and the Holden Commodore, Tesla Model S, Hummer H1 Alpha, Saleen S7, the Ferrari 458 Speciale, and the Ferrari FF.

LaFerrari is absolutely gorgeous !
If you like this kind of ferrari and have the money, go for the Enzo Ferrari & FXX K as well.

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I did pick up a couple of spare off roaders at a bargain price for when the snow comes… They may be popular with the crimbo crowd… then again maybe not… but only 132K for the lot…

Has anyone built up a fiat supersonic yet

I’m not going to go in with what I got but rather I have 8mill left and trying to decide what to get

Wasn’t sure about lm250 (I have 62 GTO already and I just saw sale so off the list)

Wondering about cali as it use to be one of my fast lower class cars and sentimentality. But again I have another 35% opportunity so

Wondering what to buy with the 8mil left. And if the supersonic isn’t worth it. I’m not much a collector that I would want to spend 1.5 mil on it.