BkS' Photo Gallery | Update 26/10 | Pap This! - Polestar V60

Hello! Welcome!

I’m not new here, but it has been a while since I once had a gallery. Circa FM4.

Anyway, everything has been contextualized for minimum browsing effort. Click on the corrosponding banner and enjoy!

This set comprises of my very first photos taken on FH4.

So much fun with this car.

BMW X5M with a fully built V12 under the bonnet, sending 1100+ HP to all four wheels. Of course it’s equipped with super soft suspension for the rough terrain.

Few extra photos chucked in as well.

Love this


It’s good to have you back. :slight_smile:

Good to see you’re still around Pebb. Hows things?

I haven’t really taken any dedicated sets yet for particular cars, so here’s a bunch of random shots for now.

Damn, I love the colors in the Range Rover set!

Look forward to more of the gallery, some great shots and execution.

Great action shot!

Many thanks gents!

The high exposure in the 2nd and 5th shot from the ‘Welcome Back, Mate’ set really do it for me. Nice shots!

Thanks KTVDS!

Note: A lot of photoshop in this set.

Love that last shot, pretty sure I would hate that colour scheme on a car but here for some reason it works. Great set of shots, loving your work so far.

The colour scheme is love or hate haha! My own car is not to dissimilar tbf. It’s all the rage in the VDub world.

Thanks for stopping by dude!

The lighting in the last shot is perfect

I love the last picture! Great atmosphere!

Thanks guys!

Definitely the last shot!! The light, the surrounding is spot on!!