Billym19121 car wish list

Really would love to see, vauxhall nova sr, Citroen Saxo vtr vts in the game cars grew up driving I might have missed but haven’t seen them before if only played forza 3, 4 and 5 still can’t get the 2nd to download from disc, cars like this would be fun as to me gets boring mostly super cars, yeah had fun with the old golfs etc but a saxo or nova be brill, relive youth, or even a ford orion, or Citroen ax gt I had one of them and was a rocket even if was such thin bodywork, basically back to the days of max power cars, I do get bored mostly super cars or muscle cars and drifting constant, just my opinion though

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Totally agree with you there. The old Vauxhall Astra Gte would be good to see. Even a Peugeot 405 Sri which I had, would be nice.

Would love to see older cars and not these hyper cars which really do nothing for me.

Would be brilliant see that car, so many from those days even fit uno turbo, seem to forget the cars loads of us actually drove back then and favour super cars we never could afford, can only hope

More than that, instead of hypercars, just put daily drivers from around the world that people tune into sleeper racers, old or new

Im liking that they recently are putting more sedans but we need more of daily drivers on FH5 and i hope they put various daily divers on FM too

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