Bill Thomas Cheetah 1965-1965

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In case anyone was wondering what this vehicle looks like


Just a reminder that look where your feet go. And why does everything start smelling like BBQ.


And yet that wasn’t it’s worst attribute. Sitting over the rear wheels, it’s aero (would cause lift at medium speeds) and the short wheelbase made for a hair raising ride.


I would LOVE for this to appear in Forza Horizon 5. It was designed to be a competitor to the Shelby Cobra, with a race-prepped small block Chevy front-mid-mounted to a 4-speed manual, going directly into a Corvette IRS. That’s right, this vehicle had no driveshaft, just a U-joint coupler.

There’s actually a story that a Bill Thomas Cheetah was once taken to the drag strip in road race trim, and it clocked off a 10.7 second quarter mile time. In the '60s. It’s a piece of history that is HIGHLY underrepresented in modern times (I don’t even think GT ever had a Cheetah), so having it in FH5 would be a big win.

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A few shots of the car from various angles (2 different models)

Historical Photographs

A Company that hosts Meetups and does Specialist Restorations of Original Cheetahs:

Videos of one going up the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb

Articles on the Car

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One of the craziest looking race cars of all time. This thing looks like a Hot Wheels in real life, but actually predates Hot Wheels entirely! Would be epic to fling this around in MotorSport with all assists off!

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