BIGTIME muscle [88bg] -- Octoberfest, Duel Challenge

I used the same " formula " for the Sedona challenge i ran recently and took over a second off my previous PB . I had a quick run earlier this evening and i was getting within . 2 of my time for the Mazda . The Mazda time was set some 4 years ago , so hopefully my tuning / driving skills have improved enough in that time to beat my old PB !!!

Time Update
Maple Valley Short Reverse - 31.634 (pb) - t/c on

Plenty left in the Toyo :slight_smile:

That’s Great, CC !

Comfortably in the top 1,000? – nearly a second off of my time ! and …on a really short course to boot !

THANKS but all credit must go to your SMOKIN’ tune DL, which is DEFINITELY capable of a faster lap time! I’m currently #889 on LB… =)

Fun Stuff!!

update - 32.454 - Maple short